sanding belts

PAI offers a broad range of sanding belt products for all of your belt grinding and finishing applications. We specialize in providing sanding belts for all wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, stone, marble, composite, and floorsanding applications. Sanding belts are available in a wide variety of splice options to match your operation, as well as a scalloped-edge option.

Most of our cloth and polyester sanding belts allow us to make single joint belts up to 64” wide and paper to 72” wide.  We are able to supply the widest single joint belts in the world (paper to 73” wide and cloth to 80” wide).


Our extensive offerings from Deerfos Abrasives (Deer Abrasives), Awuko, Bibielle, etc., provide us with the best abrasive sanding belts on the market today. Our offerings also feature four new special programs for high production products. These include our production, glass, portable, and cabinet shop categories, all designed to give you technical products at a very competitive price.

Sanding belts have been the driving force of our success. We specialize in belt production and have built our reputation and business on this. For belt quality, consistency, service, and technical knowledge, PAI is hard to beat.