sanding flap discsSanding flap discs are designed with abrasive cloth strips glued on to a rigid fiberglass backing in a fan arrangement. Sanding flap discs can replace, in many operations, both grinding wheels and fiber discs. It is possible by using flap discs to cut and finish in one operation. The unique construction allows for new grain to be constantly in contact with the surface, as the flaps continually wear out. The life of a sanding flap disc can be 20 times that of a fiber disc, resulting in a major cost reduction in both labor and material costs. 

Sanding flap discs are available in the following types:
flap discsDLF Standard - Typical 1 / 1 flap arrangement. Provides long life and consistent rate of cut and finish.
zirconium flap discs
DLF Jumbo - Higher stacked abrasive arrangement for improved life and durability.


 Zirconium Flap Discs

grinding flap discsSupported by a durable fiberglass backing, these Zirconium sanding flap discs allow for the complete wear of the abrasive grain without the risk of gouging the surface.

Ceramic Flap Discs

These premium Ceramic fiberglass backed sanding flap discs provide for extra cut, durability, and longevity.