resin fiber grinding discResin fiber discs from Production Abrasives include durable aluminum oxide resin fiber discs, long lasting, aggressive cutting zirconium resin fiber discs, and premium performance ceramic resin fiber discs.  These discs can handle a variety of applications such as weld blending and grinding, heavy metal and burr removal, as well as light finishing and deburring.  Also available are fiber disc back-up pads for all your grinding needs.

resin fiber discs

Resin Fiber Discs

PAI-AO - Premium aluminum oxide resin fiber discs. Excellent for general-purpose metal working applications such as blending and cleaning up welds.

PAI-A/Z - Premium zirconium resin fiber discs.  Superior product for rough, heavy grinding and blending with extreme cut and life.

PAI-SG - Premium full-ceramic resin fiber discs for excellent cut and life on carbon and mild steel.
PAI-SGP - Premium full-ceramic resin fiber discs with grinding aid for stainless steel and exotic metals.

resin fiber disc

Resin Fiber Disc Back-Up Pads

Safely secure your resin fiber discs with these premium back-up pads. Offering includes aired-cooled for heat resistance, and smooth-faced pads.