flap wheelsProduction Abrasives is proud to supply only Bibielle flap-wheels.  Bibielle is one of the largest manufacturers of abrasive flap-wheels in the world, with over 30 years of experience.

RG MOUNTED FLAP-WHEELS - Aluminum oxide flap-wheels, 1/4" shaft size.

RF UNMOUNTED FLAP-WHEELS - 4" to 16" diameters.

REDUCTION FLANGES - Reduce your RF flap-wheels down to the size you need.  These are also re-usable.

Flap-wheels are the ideal abrasive tools for the finishing, cleaning, or deburring of metal; and can be used on both flat and contoured surfaces.  Bibielle flap-wheels, thanks to the highest quality abrasive material, maintain the abrasive cutting edge throughout the life of the wheel.

The ventilated arrangement of the flaps also prevents clogging, allowing the wheel to run cool throughout its life.  The rate of cut is uniform and the finish is consistent.

abrasive flap wheels

RG Mounted Flap-Wheels - 1/4" Shaft

RG flap-wheels are designed for grinding and polishing on small surfaces or hard to reach areas.  They are also used for internal finishing and deburring on tubing and cylinders.  These are excellent for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals. 


RF Unmounted Flap-Wheels
Medium and large unmounted flap-wheels are excellent tools for cutting and finishing of flat, concave, or convex surfaces.  In coarser grades, these products can be quite aggressive and are excellent for tubing, stainless steel equipment, and tanks to name a few. These wheels are also available in zirconium.

Reduction Flanges for RF Wheels

Re-usable metal flanges for reducing the arbor size of your RF wheels.