nylon-mainNylon Abrasives have a very low stock removal capacity and a very linear cut.  This makes it particularly suitable for blending, finishing, and removing oxides and paint without disturbing the integrity of the work piece.  Nylon Abrasives are used extensively on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Included in this Nylon offering are Hand Pads, Discs, Rolls, and Flap Wheels.
These open structure non-woven products are fully impregnated with grain and resin for light duty applications, such as removal of coatings (paint), rust, and oxidation without effecting the base material.  Applications include deburring, blending, finishing, polishing, and light to heavy duty cleaning.

Nylon Abrasive Hand Pads


These non-rusting nylon abrasive hand pads are made to outperform steel wool and wire brushes when it comes to cleaning, scuffing, deburring, and finishing.  Hand pads can be used with water or solvents, and are very conforming to the work surface.

Nylon Abrasive Discs - Clean and Finish

nylon-discs-clean finishImpregnated with grain and resin, these nylon abrasive discs are useful in a variety of deburring and finishing applications.  Can be fastened with a High-Grip pad, or an arbor system.

Heavy Duty Nylon Abrasive Discs - Finish and Deburring

These high performance nylon abrasive discs are more durable than the standard Clean and Finish, and are especially suited for mechanical medium-pressure applications where a good finish is required.

Super Duty - XS Nylon Abrasive Discs (High Strength)

super-duty-xs-discsThis flexible high strength nylon abrasive disc is extremely durable, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications where high performance is essential.  Super Duty is especially suitable for mechanical operations http://www.viagrasoft.org/kamagra-effective-viagra-erectile-dysfunction/ on uneven surfaces where the strength and flexibility of the products are a benefit.  Ideal for demanding substrates such as titanium and other exotic metals.

Nylon Abrasive Rolls - Clean and Finish

nylon abrasive rollsClean and finish nylon abrasive rolls can be torn to the proper length for hand, vibratory, orbital, or straight line sanding.  Great for cleaning, blending, and finishing.