sc-mainSurface Conditioning Abrasives are an evolution of Non-Wovens for mechanical applications.  These are used primarily in belt, disc and quick-change form.  Surface Conditioning Abrasives offer a unique combination of long life, consistent finish, aggressive performance, and flexibility.  These are ideal products for surface preparation, removing surface imperfections, generating a finish, blending, deburring, oxide removal, and cleaning.

Generate the proper results by blending, cleaning, deburring, or finishing with these unique belts. Surface Conditioning abrasive belts are aggressive, yet will not gouge or harm the surface.  These products are designed to outperform and replace conventional abrasives and wire brushes.  Typical markets can include metal fabrication (stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.), tubing, cutlery, china ware, aerospace, and ski manufacturing.

Surface Conditioning Abrasive Belts

sc-1Colors include:  A-Crs (Brown), A-Med (Maroon), A-VFN (Blue), S-SFN (Grey)

Four types of Surface Conditioning Abrasives available:

       SCXF - Soft, flexed material for air file belts.

       SCLS - Durable low-stretch backing for more demanding applications.

       SCSB - Scrim backed material.  Provides for more aggressiveness in coarse and medium grades.

       SCHD - Stiff ceramic material for belts and discs.


SCSB / SCHD Surface Conditioning Abrasive Discs

sc-2These velcro-backed surface conditioning abrasive discs are used on angle grinders for cleaning operations, rust removal, satin finishing, grindline conditioning, as well as surface preparation for painting on metal surfaces.  SCSB is a standard Alo, while SCHD is a high-performance Ceramic, providing a more aggressive cut and longer life.  For the proper pads, please see the High-Grip Disc Pads below.  SCLS material is also available for finishes that require a less aggressive scratch pattern than SCSB and SCHD.

High-Grip Disc Pads

sc-3Safely secure your SCLS, SCSB and SCHD Surface Conditioning Discs to these back-up pads.

SCSB Surface Conditioning Abrasive Quick-Change Discs

sc-4These easy mounting surface conditioning abrasive products not only save time, but also provide and effective means to removing burrs, coatings, oxides, and light rust.  Available in Type "DCR-S" (Interchanges with Norton "Speed-Lok" or Standard "Quick-Change") or Type "DCR-R" (Interchanges with 3M Roloc).

Quick-Change Disc Pads

sc-5These rubber back-up pads are available with a 1/4" shank, and also come in varying diameters and hardness.