Abrasive cloth rolls from Production Abrasives have a variety of production applications for metal, wood and drywall sanding.

Aluminum Oxide Resin Abrasive Cloth Rolls - KA162

abrasive cloth rollsFlexible J-wt cloth for cleaning and deburring metal. Featuring Deerfos Abrasives (Deer Abrasives).





Aluminum Oxide Resin Abrasive Cloth Rolls - XA167 (X-wt) or JA165 (J-wt)

rolls of abrasive clothMulti purpose aluminum oxide resin cloth (full cotton) backed rolls. Featuring Deerfos Abrasives (Deer Abrasives).




Sandscreen Rolls

sandscreen rollsSilicon Carbide open mesh for cleaning, deburring, de-scaling, and drywall applications.