Production Abrasives provides a variety of abrasive sandpaper sheets for different production applications. These paper sheets are available with Garnet, Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide. Featuring Deerfos Abrasives (Deer Abrasives).

Garnet Sandpaper Sheets

Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets

Garnet sandpaper sheets for hand and machine sanding of wood.


Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets 

Aluminum Oxide open coat abrasive sandpaper sheets for general purpose sanding.


Aluminum Oxide Lube Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets - AAM66 / CAM66

Aluminum Oxide lubricated resin paper for sanding of paints and woods.


Silicon Carbide Lube Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets - CCM66

Silicon Carbide lubricated resin abrasive sandpaper sheets for sanding paints, primers, and sealer sanding.


Silicon Carbide Waterproof Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets

Silicon Carbide wet or dry sanding on plastic, fibreglass, or painted surfaces.