General Information

Structure of Coated Abrasive
• Abrasive Grain:

    • A/O – Aluminum Oxide – General purpose durable grain for stock removal and polishing
    • S/C – Silicon Carbide – A very sharp grain that produces excellent finishes
    • Z/A – Zirconium Alumina – high temperatures and heavier pressures for high stock removal applications
    • Ceramic – Ceramic Alumina – a sharp microcrystalline grain very long life with an aggressive cut

Backings: Cloth

    • J-Flex – Extremely flexible products Soft & Light
    • Jwt – Flexible products
    • X- Flex – Semi flexible products
    • Xwt – Stiff products
    • Ywt – Very stiff products
    • YYwt – Extremely stiff products Stiff & Heavy

Coating State:

    • Close Coat – The backing is completely coated with abrasive grain
    • Open Coat – the backing is coated about 50%~75% with abrasive grain

Metal Working:

Metal working products are specially coated with grinding aids. Grinding Aids may:

    1. Decrease the friction between the grains and the surface of the work piece
    2. Prevent the grain “fusing” ( prevent metal particles from becoming welded to the tops of grains)
    3. Decrease the grinding temperatures to avoid burning of work piece

 • Product Storage:

    • Coated abrasive backing can be curled by changing temperature & humidity.
    • If humidity of air is higher than backing material it can have a concave curl.
    • If humidity of air is lower than backing material it can have a convex curl.

You may heed to the following suggestions in storage management.

    1. Do not store in open areas for long periods of time
    2. Avoid places with direct sunlight and places with extreme changes of temperature and humidity levels
    3. Take extra caution during summer (rainy season) and the turning point of season
    4. The idealistic storage environment of coated abrasive cloth and paper is humidity 50% - 60% temperature 60 – 68 degree Fahrenheit