Production Abrasives

Production Abrasives Inc. (PAI), since our inception in 1985, has worked diligently to offer a very technical line of products, backed-up by solid abrasive engineering. We put together a high-tech repetitive product line, good representation, and distributors who wanted to work together to build a profitable business (and have fun doing it).

We formed Production Abrasives Inc. with a philosophy that has not changed and continues to strengthen even as the market changes. Using the principles below answers the question – WHY Production Abrasives Inc.?

  1. Quick access to the best technical assistance available in the market place.
  2. A complete line of consistent, technical products that win tests.
  3. Market understanding and competitiveness.
  4. A continual flow of new, exciting, and innovative products.
  5. Specialized “Production”, “Glass”, “Cabinet Shop”, and “Portable Belt” programs to better your margins.
  6. We utilize only world class equipment.
  7. We maintain a large inventory of jumbo rolls and finished goods, leading to outstanding delivery and service.
  8. A solid commitment to developing partnerships.
  9. Innovative and versatile scalloped-edge and splice options.
  10. We supply belts in cloth and polyester to 64” wide and paper to 73” wide with 1 splice. Silicon Carbide polyester belts are available to 80” wide with 1 splice (widest single splice in the world).

We strongly feel that Production Abrasives Inc. can compete at any account, regardless of the competition – we just need the exposure and opportunity to test!